About Me

I’m Fabio Pais, a South African photographer with a passion for travel and I’ve been fortunate enough to turn a hobby I love into a career that makes me happy to wake up and go to work every day.

I think most photographers in the past developed an obsession for photography back in the days of film and  SLRs. This wasn’t me, mostly because of the era in which I grew up. 

It all started with my iPhone 4.  Having a camera in my pocket at all times meant I could show people the world through my eyes as I wandered the neighbourhoods of Johannesburg, marvelled at the natural beauty of Table Mountain, or backpacked through the cobbled streets of Europe.

Truthfully, I never wanted to become a professional photographer; I thought it would eat away at my passion for a hobby that I loved.  I enjoyed having point-and-shoot cameras always at my fingertips, not needing to constantly lug around heavy equipment. But after 10 years in sports marketing, I realized that life was too short and I should spend as much time as possible doing  something I love. So, I decided to pursue a career out of my most rewarding pastime.

Graduating to professional equipment, I began photographing events and working with both professional and amateur athletes, finding my calm and jovial demeanour brings out the best in my subjects.

I hope you’ll join me as I grow my portfolio while travelling the world, appreciating the urban creativity of graffiti-covered back alleys in North America, capturing the intricacies of gothic cathedrals in Europe and taking in the majestic beauty of Africa’s sunsets.

Check out my stories as I continue to explore the globe and follow me on Instagram for a daily fix.